Incredible Tool for XivD File Repair on Mac

XviD is a popular video codec which offers the smaller size video with higher quality. The main purpose of using XviD video file format is to compress video, to make it easy for sharing videos over computer networks and for more efficient storage on disks. But sometimes XviD video files cannot play properly or the video gets freezed when playing or refuse to play at all. To overcome from this problem, you can use video repair software. It can repair XviD Mac by detecting all errors associated with this file. This tool can easily fix XviD file on Mac, to make it as a perfect playable video on all the possible media players.

You can fix XviD file on Mac in the following situations

  • When the XviD video files becomes unplayable due to bad frames in it
  • If the VLC player throws up error when playing XviD file that saying the file is broken and it is needed to repair.
  • If you found that the audio is out of sync, it means the sound is coming before or after the corresponding video.
  • If the downloaded XviD videos like favorite TV shows, movies or any other video become corrupted or refuses to play the full file.

The main reason behind all these problems is XviD file corruption. XviD file may get corrupted due to virus or malware attack, incomplete download, truncating video, improper recovery tool, video file index corruption, etc. You can repair XviD, DivX and AVI file with the utilization of this software. To get more details regarding DivX file repair, you can refer here - In such critical situations, you can repair corrupt XviD on Mac, to get it in a healthy format using video repair software. It has all the necessary features to fix XviD file on Mac with the same quality and efficiency.

Video repair software is a read only application that can repair XviD Mac without causing any more damage to the original file. In order to fix XviD file on Mac, it makes use of inbuilt scanning engine, which can detect errors in the audio and video streams, to make a perfect playable video. The video repair software is developed with new technologies, which can fix errors and corruption in the XviD file with utmost ease. The tool can work effectively to repair corrupt XviD on Mac OS X 10.5, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc. If you want more details on how to repair video file on Mac Lion computer, log on to:

This software is also provided in demo version, using which the user can preview the repaired video file. You can know the complete procedure to repair XviD Mac before purchasing the software. Using demo version, you can repair corrupt XviD on Mac and preview repaired video. If you satisfied with this result, then save the video file on a desired location.


  • Do not shutdown the system abruptly while playing a video file
  • Download and install quality antivirus tool on your system
  • Take backup of important video files on external hard drive
  • Do not connect the virus infected USB drives to your computer

Steps to repair corrupted or broken XviD video files on Mac

Step1: Select the corrupted XviD file using “Browse” option and then click on “Repair” button from the welcome page of the software as shown in Fig 1.

Repair XviD Mac - Welcome Page

Figure 1. Welcome Page

Step2: Wait when the video repair is progressing and once it is completed, you can “Preview” the video before saving as shown in Fig 2.

Repair XviD Mac - Preview File

Figure 2. Preview File

Step3: If you satisfied with the preview of repaired video, save that file on desired location using “Save” option as shown in Fig 3.

Repair XviD Mac - Save File

Figure 3. Save File