How to Fix Truncated MP4 File?

“Hello, I have large collection of video files in my computer. My media player can support only MP4 format. So most of my videos are in MP4 file format. Yesterday my friend asked me to send some of the videos via Internet. But unfortunately the MP4 files are truncated due to the interruptions in the internet so, I was not able to send it. Anyone please suggest some solution to repair truncated MP4 files?”

Don't Panic! Here is the ever best solution i.e., to use this effective Video Repair Software to repair truncated mp4 file with no difficulty at all! You just need to download this software from this page and find how to repair truncated mp4. It has the ability to repair truncated mp4 file even if the file gets corrupted due to various weird reasons.

How MP4 files get truncated?

    Incompatibility- If you force to open MP4 video with some applications which do not support MP4 file format then there are chances of MP4 files getting truncated. You can convert the MP4 file format to any other file format using some file conversion tools. If you use any untrustworthy tool for file conversion then it results in corruption of MP4 file.

    Viruses- The viruses may get into your device whenever you expose your device to internet. It is the most common reason for the destruction of MP4 video files which leads your videos unable to play on any applications. Some viruses are so harmful that they may even delete the MP4 files and other data from the device.

    System issue- While playing the MP4 files on your system, if the system gets shut down suddenly then also MP4 videos get truncated.

    Corruption- If your SD card where MP4 files were stored gets corrupted due to some unidentified reasons like incorrect handling of card then there are chances of MP4 files corruption, due to which you are unable to play them after recovering from SD card

    Internet Interruption - Suppose you are downloading or uploading some MP4 files using internet. While the process is going on, if any interruption happens like internet connection is lost, then MP4 files might get truncated and you need to fix it in order to play.

Features of Video Repair Software

It is possible to repair truncated MP4 files easily even if you are not able to on any media player. Video Repair software helps in successfully repairing corrupted MP4 video files due to any kind of corruption issues like virus infection, faulty firmware etc. This software uses advanced scanning algorithms to repair damaged video file. Additionally, this Video Repair Software is compatible with the all the versions of Windows OS and can also repair corrupt MOV and AVI files. You can use the free demo version of the software to check the efficiency of Video Repair Software by performing truncated MP4 repair. You can save MP4 file wherever you want once you repair truncated mp4 file successfully by using Video Repair Software.

It can repair MP4 file well even if the destruction issues inside the MP4 file is major. Also, this software is very user friendly so that you can achieve truncated MP4 repair without any struggle. This Video Repair Software supports devices, which are formatted with NTFS, FAT and HFS file systems. This Software not only repair MP4 file format but also repair MOV files on Canon and other brands of Digital Cameras. MP4 files can be repaired easily even if the size of MP4 files is large.

Steps to use Video Repair Software

Step 1: Download and install Video Repair Software in your system to attain truncated mp4 fix process. Choose the MP4 file which is truncated and you are unable to play. After selecting the truncated MP4 file by browsing, click on Repair button.

Repair Truncated MP4 File - Main Screen

Fig 1. Main Screen

Step 2: Repairing process will get started and exhibit all the details like time, size, and duration of your repaired MP4 files. Click on “Preview” then you can able to view your repaired MP4 files before saving it.

Repair Truncated MP4 File - Preview Screen

Fig 2. Preview Screen

Step3: Once you are satisfied with the preview of repaired MP4 files, select the storage location to save the repaired MP4 file.

Repair Truncated MP4 File - Save File

Fig 3. Save File