Best way to play recovered video files

“Recently my system got infected by a virus and as a result I lost many files including some of my favorite videos. I managed to recover some of them using data recovery software. But now I am not able to play the files at all. Is there any way to repair recovered video files?”

Data loss is a commonly faced situation and as almost everyone knows that the files that seem to be gone forever are actually not. They will remain on your storage device until some new files are saved on it and the deleted data is overwritten. By using an efficient recovery tool, any type of file lost or deleted under any data loss scenario, can be easily retrieved.

There are many recovery tools available in the data recovery market nowadays and each of them claims to be the best. Choosing the right one is a crucial task but most of the users end up using an inefficient recovery tool. This results in the corruption of important files. Video files get corrupted because most of the recovery tools are destructive and non-reliable. They recover the deleted or lost files but in a corrupt state. Sometimes you cannot recover the files again using some other tool because that software might have edited the original files. Now what will you do to repair recovered video files?

Solution –

The best option is to play recovered video files is by using a video repair tool. After the recovery chances are finished, the only way left with you will be to fix recovered video files. The video repair software fixes the corrupted or damaged video file within a short span of time. It makes use of its inbuilt powerful repairing algorithms that works perfectly on even severe corruptions. Even large sized video can also be repaired by using this utility.

In what conditions this tool will work for you?

Video Repair Software will work perfectly to repair videos corrupted or damaged due to many other reasons too. They are –

  1. Virus Infection
  2. Download Error
  3. Transfer Interruption
  4. System Shutdown
  5. File System Corruption
  6. Necessary codecs missing
  7. Changing the video file extension

This utility can also fix various video file errors. For more info follow  The video repair software fix recovered video files by using its non-destructive and read-only policy. It makes a copy of the corrupted file, separate the video and audio parts and then perform the repairing on them. After the process is finished, both the repaired parts are combined to make a complete healthy file. To operate this application, a user doesn’t need any kind of technical knowledge. Just by following the on-screen instructions, complex fixing process will be easily accomplished. The tool can be used to repair MP4, AVI, DIV and DIVX video file types. It has a separate version for both the Windows and Mac users, supporting all their latest versions. To play recovered video files, you just need to download the demo version of this tool and try it. After repairing make use of the Preview option to estimate the results. If you are satisfied then purchase the full version to save the repaired files.

How to fix recovered video files?

Step 1 – Select the corrupted video file to repair recovered video files and click on the “Repair” button.

Repair Recovered Video Files - Main Screen

Fig 1. Main Screen

Step 2 – The tool will now start repairing the selected file. After finishing, the repaired file contents are displayed. Preview them.

Repair Recovered Video Files - Preview Screen

Fig 2. Preview Screen

Step 3 – Now save the video files after buying the registered version.

Repair Recovered Video Files - Save File

Fig 3. Save File