Repair Video Mac Lion

“I have installed Mac Lion OS on my computer, also multiple media applications to enjoy watching movies and other video clips on it. But yesterday, when I tried to play one of the important and my favorite video (.mov) on Mac Lion computer, an error displayed saying that the file is corrupted!! I tried playing/opening same video on different media players, but the same errors was displayed. I really don’t know what might be the cause for video corruption, also not having backup of this video file and solution to repair it. So someone please tell me how to repair video files on Mac Lion system? Thanks in advance.”

Video files may get corrupted or damaged due to numerous reasons on Mac Lion machines. However, you can turn your unplayable video into playable state or repair video Mac Lion using an efficient and preferred application like Video Repair Software. This prominent tool has been developed by experts with powerful algorithms to help you regarding video file repair Mac Lion. Along with repairing video files Mac Lion, it can also repair or fix audio video sync issues with utmost ease. But prior to knowing how to repair video files on Mac Lion, let’s see some common scenarios that leads to video file corruption;

  • If the video header gets corrupted due to some known or unknown reasons, then the video file becomes unplayable on any of the media player of Mac Lion computer.
  • While playing video, if your Mac Lion computer gets inappropriately shutdown, then there are chances for video corruption and as result video becomes unviewable.
  • A video file can be converted to any video format i.e., from .mov to .mp4, .avi or vice versa, but during this conversion process, if something goes wrong, then there is a chance that your Mac Lion video files becomes inaccessible.
  • Codec issues or playing video file on unsupported media payer can also be the reason for video corruption.

Improper download, abrupt termination of media player, power surge, virus attack, using unreliable third party app, bad sectors, damaged storage media, interruption during video transfer, and more are the causes for corrupt video file on Mac Lion computer. Anyhow, you can get rid of the video corruption scenarios or know how to repair video files on Mac Lion by using Video Repair Software.

Remarkable features of Video Repair Software

Video Repair is an incredible and well advanced software to repair video Mac Lion. This tool has powerful repairing algorithms that efficiently helps you to repair video on Mac lion computer. With the assistance of this software, you can repair corrupted video files stored in external hard disk, iPods, flash drives, memory cards, iPhones, etc. If you want to know about iPhone video file repair, then click on the given link: It has capability to perform video repair on Mac lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Yosemite, Mavericks, etc. This app has wizard like interface that helps you to repair video Mac Lion. Using this program, you can repair MOV, AVI and MP4 video files. It has potential to repair a video file that is created on different cameras. This tool also has capability to repair video files stored in HFSX, FAT and HFSX partitions. Apart from this, you can also use this efficient tool to play .mov files on iMac with ease. If you want to know more about how to repair/play .mov files on iMac computer, then simply click on this link: It separates out audio and video streams and then adjoin them to make a playable video file. Once done with video repair process, it facilitates you to preview repaired video prior to restoration.

Steps to repair video Mac Lion:

Step 1: Download & install Video Repair Software on your Mac Lion system. Then run the software, and select corrupted video file using "Corrupted File" option and then click on "Repair" button.

Repair Video Mac Lion - Welcome Screen

Step 2: Wait until the repairing process is going on.

Repair Video Mac Lion - Repairing

Step 3: This screen shows the details of the repaired file with two options – “Preview” and “Save”.

Repair Video Mac Lion - Repaired

Step 4: Save the repaired video file on your desired destination. (This feature is available only in full version of this software. If you are satisfied with the results then buy the full version).

Repair Video Mac Lion - Save Repaired file