Tool to Fix Video File Errors

  • A smart utility that easily repairs corrupt or erroneous video files
  • Supports wide range of video file formats
  • Restores video to its original playable form
  • Fix any number of video files with a simple click on the Repair button
  • Sometimes, you may get errors after clicking on video files on your laptop, mobiles or camcorders. Then you will be unable to play this video because of this problem. When you encounter this situation, you can solve this problem within a few seconds, just by running the video repair software on your computer. This is a most powerful application designed, especially to fix the issues related to video files like MOV, AVI, MKV, etc.

    Usually, this situation occurs when your video file is corrupted due to some of the software errors. There are lots of reasons behind the video file damage, some of them are explained below.

    Video Files Header Corruption: The headers of video files are located on the top sector of the hard drive and should be in a correct form to make transfer and file access easy. If the file header information is missed, you cannot run or access the video anymore. The reason for header file corruption may be bad sector, virus attack or insufficient memory to access header information.

    Video Frames Corruption: Frames are nothing but the pieces of images which are combined to form a large video file. Variety of video frames are used to form a video and quality of the video is depends on these frames. The occurrence of corruption while creating or managing frames leads to the disrupted running of the videos.

    Apart from the above-explained scenarios, videos may also get corrupt due to some of the unexpected events like operating system crash, virus infection, sudden shutdown of your system, hard drive damage, file system corruption, etc. Even the videos from removable drives may also get damaged due to improper ejection of the drive from the system, improper handling of camcorders, etc. No matter how your videos are corrupted and displaying errors as you will easily get to know how to fix video errors, using Video Repair Software. This software is capable to provide a simple solution for the question like how to fix video errors?

    The ultimate video repair program is here

    This amazing Video Repair software can support to repair videos from several brands of camcorders, like Kodak, Nikon, Casio, Canon, Olympus, Panasonic, Fujifilm, GoPro, Sony, etc. It can fix MOV and MP4 files, which are rejected to play on Quick Time. To repair broken or corrupted videos from the removable drives, you just need to connect them to the system where this software is installed. You can run this software on both Windows and Mac systems. With the help of this software, you can also know about how to repair broken video files within few minutes on both Windows and Mac Operating Systems. Visit this link to know how to use this software to repair truncated MP4 files

    The most useful feature of this software is its user-friendly graphical user interface. It has easy to use interface so that you can utilize this software yourself at your home for fixing broken AVI video files. There is no need to go anywhere for the help of computer experts since all repair steps could be easily understood. You can also make sure that your video file can be fixed using this software, before purchasing it. It is also a very useful tool that helps you on performing digital video repair on Windows system in just few mouse clicks. To evaluate video repair result, you can download a free demo version of this application. Using trial version, you can scan your drive, repair the required videos and also watch these videos using “Preview” option. In order to save this file, you should purchase the license key of this software.

    How to use the Tool to Fix Video File Errors?

    Step1: Run the trial version of this software and browse the video file that you are looking to fix errors. After that click on “Repair” button as shown in Fig A.

    How to Fix Video Errors - Welcome Screen

    Fig A. Main Screen

    Step2: Now you can see the selected video file repairing process as shown in Fig B.

    How to Fix Video Errors - Repairing Progress

    Fig B. Repairing Progress

    Step3: Finally, you will get the repaired video file details and you can watch it using “Preview” button. If you satisfied with this result, purchase license key of the software and save the videos using “Save” button as shown in Fig C.

    How to Fix Video Errors - Preview Window

    Fig C. Preview Window