Repair Broken Video Files

MP4 video is the most popular video extension file that is used in iPods. All the recordings from the iPods are stored in this format. You go to some picnic or to a vacation with your friends and have recorded videos of some events. Since it is an iPod all the videos will be present in MP4 format and can be easily played in the device. Once you reached home you have copied it to your system and tried to watch all of them. While you were able to play some, others showed error stating that the file is either corrupted or broken. This happens as result of virus infections or due to some other reasons. Don't panic!!!Just calm down and take a deep breath. Those video files that are present in the MP4 format can be repaired easily. Using the services of MP4 repair tool you can effectively get to know how to fix broken video files MP4 from your system. One can also obtain efficient Divx video file repair software, by visiting at -

Some of the scenarios that cause corruption of the video files present in the iPod are:

  • Abrupt Removal: Abruptly removing the iPod which is connected to the system during the transfer process will lead to the damage of the video files. MP4 Video files also get damaged when there is removal of the device which is connected to the system while the user is viewing those videos in the system.
  • Virus Infection: Virus infection is one of the main reasons that causes damaged to the video files that are present in the iPods. Copying video files from the infected system in to the iPod causes viral infection and hence damages the video files that are saved in the device. Hence care should be taken that the user does not copy files from the infected system else all the contents that are present in the iPods get corrupted.

All these video files that are damaged from the system can be repaired without much effort using the services of MP4 repair tool. This application developed with advanced features fixes those damaged video files that are not playable in the system using the Quick tool media player. Automatic repair option separates out the audio and video data that is present in the file, and hence easily gets back the repaired video files that can be viewed easily using those iPods. You can also repair HD videos of any format like MOV, AVI, etc. For additional information regarding HD video repair utility, you can go through this URL -

The repair procedure that is used by this application is unique and much more advanced than other repair applications. You can easily view the repaired file and evaluate the demo version of this application to evaluate the chances of repairing the video files. Some of the list of the camcorders which this tool supports in the repair process is Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, Samsung, Sony and many more. Apart from MP4 video file, you can also fix AVI Index file, MOV, etc just by following simple steps of this software.

Mac operaing system is popular across the globe. With its more advanced and unique features, all the tasks that are required by the user are performed with much ease. Due to certain scenarios some of the avi video files that are stored in it get corrupted and the user can no longer play it. Don't get anxious! You can repair avi files from Mac easily.

Canon is one the most popular camcorders that is preferred by user. Its unique features help its users to play and record the video files with much ease. Due to virus infection or some other reasons all the videos that are present in it get corrupted and the user is no longer able to access them. Need not worry! Visit this link for info about the repair pocedure.

Procedure to Fix Broken Video Files:

1. Download and install the application tool in the system by logging in as local system administrator and select the video file that has to be repaired.

How to Fix Broken Video Files MP4 - Welcome Screen

Figure A. Main Screen

2. Click on the “Repair” button, this gets you to the repair process where the file is being repaired.

How to Fix Broken Video Files MP4 - Select Repair Button

Figure B. Select Repair Button

3. Preview the files that are being repaired before saving it to the desired location as available to the host operating system.

How to Fix Broken Video Files MP4 - Preview Screen

Figure C. Preview Screen