How to Repair Corrupt Video Files?

When any of you play a video file on your computer or laptop, your multi-media player takes respective video file information from saved memory space area, and coverts the data into meaingful video that you can view. When information of video file is incorrect or goes missing due to some reason, then video file doesn't responds in a natural way. In a worst case scenario you may get an error message when you try to play video file on your system.

An error messge stating video file is damaged or corrupted is equal to the notification stating “check engine” in your car. It doesn’t detail you what is the problem or how you can fix or repair it. This type of notice is very frustrating and you simply know that something fishy is going on. Just like car engine problem, any video file can also be damaged numerous ways.

The corrupted/damaged video file can be of different formats. But by using one of the best and highly preferred app like Video Repair Software, you can easily repair video file. This software helps in fixing MPEG, MOV and MP4 video file format.

Let’s see some common scenarios that lead to corruption of a video file

Consider a scenario, where you were making a video by using your video camera and all of a sudden it stoped working. When you connected it to your system, you found that all the videos that were saved over it are gone. You recovered these lost video files using recovery software. After recovering video files when you tried to play them in your multimedia player it displayed an error message, which stated as “Couldn't open the file”. In such case, what will you do? Don’t Worry!!! All you need to do is apply this video repair tool to sort out such problems and replay your video files with ease.

There are several other reasons due to which video file gets corrupted or becomes inaccessible or unplayable. Some of the repeated reasons are -

  • Corruption of Video file due to virus attack
  • The video files may get corrupted due to error while converting it into different format
  • Abrupt system shutdown during the video file is in use, is also responsible for file corruption
  • Interruption while moving files from one drive to another may result in video file corruption
  • Video file can also get corrupted due to faulty video player

Free Video Repair Software that Can Fix Corrupt MP4, MOV, M4V, AVI, DIVX, & XVID Video Files

There are several programs that can repair video file, but when you use them they may lead to other problems, like non-synced audio and video. For more details, visit

Video Repair Software is the best among them. It is a powerful and malware-free tool that guides you how to fix corrupt video file very effectively. This corrupt video file fixer can repair corrupted / damaged video files after recovery error. It can repair Canon camcorders MOV video files and also the MOV files created on digital camcorders like Casio, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Contour, Fujifilm, Samsung, Sanyo, GoPro, and even iPhone. This software can also be used to find an easy way to fix QuickTime movie files on different Windows and Mac systems.

With the increase in technology there are various formats of video files that can be developed. Different types of video files vary on their quality and size with different extensions. Among those MP4 video files are most popluar video format that can be played in iPods as well. As a result of certain scenarios those video files get corrupted leading to loss of valuable information. If needed, this software can also be used for repairing AVI files on Mac computers or laptops.

Instructions on How to Fix Corrupt Video Files

1. Download & install Video Repair software on your system for repairing video files. Login as administrator and run the tool. Select the corrupted video file, and click on "Repair" button.

Fix Corrupt Video Files - Welcome Screen

Figure 1. Welcome Screen

2. Wait until the file is being fixed.

Repair Video File - Fixing

Figure 2. Repairing

3. This screen shows the fixing summary including video file details like size, creation date, etc.

Video File Repair- Fixed

Figure 3. Repaired

4. Click on “Preview Repaired File” to see thefixed file and save it by clicking “Save Repaired File” option.

Repairing Video File - Save Repaired file

Figure 4. Save Repaired File