How to Repair Corrupt Video File?

DivX is a video file format, which enables to play and create high quality videos. Like other files, the DivX file may also get corrupt due to some logical errors. You may receive errors while trying to play this video file. However, there is no need to worry unnecessarily over such issues since the video repair software is available. It is very simple to fix errors in DivX file by using this application. Before elaborating on how to perform Divx file repair, it is also important to know the reasons behind this, as it helps to avoid file corruption in future, due to the same reason.

Circumstances leading to the corruption/damage of DIVX video files

Bad Sectors: Bad sectors are the damaged part of your hard drive, from which you cannot access files including Divx files. The Divx files which are stored on this damaged sector may cause inaccessible video files.

Improper Shutdown: You might have large number of files in your computer, including Divx files. If you forcefully turned off system when Divx file is playing, it may cause that video file corruption.

Virus Infection: Some of the files including videos may get corrupt from your system, due to virus attack. In order to keep your files safely from virus attack, it is recommended to make use of quality antivirus software in your computer.

Changing file format: Repeatedly changing the file from one format to another format may cause video file corruption.

These are some of the common scenarios, because of which the Divx file becomes inaccessible. In these instances, you cannot play this video file on any media player. If you want to make it as playable video, then you can use Divx Repair. Repair Divx software helps to fix video file errors and then play it as before the corruption.

Divx Repair is developed using an advanced technology, especially to perform Divx file repair. This tool is capable to fix DivX, Xvid and AVI file formats, which may be corrupted due to any logical reason. It can repair the video file that may not be playing smoothly or completely refused to play on the media player. It repairs the movie file and adjoins audio and video data streams side by side. You can use Divx Repair software on both Windows and Mac operating system. One can also repair AVI video on Mac by using this software. To repair Divx files effectively, this software mainly makes use of inbuilt scanning algorithm.

Apart from hard drive, this software can also be used to repair video files from memory cards, pen drives, external hard drives, etc. The video files from these external storage devices may get corrupt, due to improper ejection, disturbance while transferring files to the computer, etc. In order to fix video files from external drives, just you need to connect them to the system where the video file repair software is installed. Then it is very simple to fix corrupted videos by using Repair Divx software. You can also preview repaired video files before restoration. Therefore, you can use demo version of this software and evaluate the repair result with the help of preview option.

Steps to Repair DIVX Video Files

Step1: Run the video file repair software on your computer and select the Divx file that is needed to be repaired, using “Browse” option. After that click on “Repair” button to perform Divx file repair as shown in Figure 1.

Divx Repair - Main Screen

Figure 1. Main Screen

Step2: Now you can see the repairing process as shown in Figure 2.

Divx Repair - Video Repairing Progress

Figure 2. Video Repairing Progress

Step3: Once the repair process is completed, you can use “Preview” option to view repaired video before restoration as shown in Figure 3.

Divx Repair - Preview Screen

Figure 3. Preview Screen