Tool to Repair Damaged GoPro Video Files

GoPro is an American company known for developing high definition camcorders and polarizer glasses. As the name suggests, GoPro camcorders are mainly intended for professional use. Because of this reason, you may feel that the price of a GoPro camcorder is too expensive. ‘Hero’ is the model name of a popular GoPro camcorder. Numerous product lines of Hero have gained much popularity among professional videographers. Formerly, this GoPro was known by the name Woodman Labs.

If you are approaching videography seriously or planning to pursue a career on this field, you cannot ignore GoPro camcorders. These video cameras are characterized by numerous advanced features for ensuring maximum quality of videos being recorded. In spite of having various considerable features, a video file produced by a GoPro camcorder may sometimes become damaged due to many reasons. The loss of precious videos from a GoPro camera will be an inconceivable situation for you, if you are a GoPro user.

Whether there is a problem, it has a solution. The same thing is true for the damaged GoPro video files also. You can repair damaged GoPro video file without any complexities by using a robust software called Video Repair Software. Repairing corrupted GoPro video can be accomplished within a few simple steps using this software. This software supports different operating system versions of Windows and Mac for fixing damaged GoPro video file.

Various Causes for the Damage of GoPro Video

  • Switching off the Camcorder while Video Recording: If you switch off your GoPro camera while recording video on it, recording will not be completed. At the same time, resulting video file may get damaged.
  • Use of Same Memory Card on Other Camcorders: The use of GoPro memory card on other camera brands may sometimes result in the corruption of file system of memory card and as a result, video files which present on memory card at that time also get damaged.
  • Ejecting Camcorder Memory Card Forcefully: If you eject your GoPro memory card forcefully while recording video, the video file which was being recorded may get corrupted.
  • Virus Infection: Sometimes you may unknowingly connect your GoPro memory card into a virus infected computer. As a result, your precious videos files may get infected by malware programs. Ultimately, this lead to the corruption of such video files.
  • Video Conversion Error: In some situations, some of you may try to convert a GoPro video into an unsupported format. As a consequence, the resulting file may get corrupt.

 Features of Video Repair Software

  • You can repair MP4 video files as well as MOV video files using this software in a simple way.
  • This amazing software fix GoPro video file issues such as synchronization error, header corruption, etc. in a hassle freeway.
  • You can repair damaged GoPro video file using this software which got corrupted due to the recovery procedure by an unreliable recovery tool.
  • This tool can be installed on any computer which has at least one 1 GB of RAM. The minimum disk space required for installation of this tool is 50 MB.
  • Anyone of you can preview the recovered files before saving them to a secure location.
  • This software has a simple Graphical User Interface so that even novice users can easily use this tool to repair corrupted GoPro video file.
  • You can easily repair broken GoPro Video files from different types of memory cards like SDHC, SDXC, MMC, CF, xD, etc.
  • Free professional support is available in case if you have any doubts in the repairing process.
  • Contour is a main competitor of GoPro in camcorder sector. By using this tool, you can repair broken Contour MOV files in an efficient way.

Steps to Repair Damaged GoPro Video Files

Step 1: Download and install Video Repair Software on your computer and click on  “Browse”  to locate the video file that needed to repair. After that click on “Repair” button as shown in Figure 1.

Repair Damaged GoPro Video File - Home Screen

Figure 1. Home Screen

Step 2: After repairing process is over, use “Preview” option to see the effectiveness of repair process or repaired video file before saving as shown in Figure 2.

Repairing Damaged GoPro Video File - Preview Screen

Figure 2. Preview File

Step 3: At last, save the repaired file to the desired location using “Save” option as shown in Figure 3.

How to Repair Damaged GoPro Video File? - Save File

Figure 3. Save File