Most Effective Way to Repair Damaged DivX File

DivX is a popular new video file format developed to create and play quality videos in a convenient way. It contains the highly quality video codec files that have been compressed to share the videos via internet. The file with .DivX extension is a compressed video so that it can be distributed easily. Today it’s very common to download videos from internet and save them with .DivX extensions. But these files may show error message when trying to play, like “the video file cannot be played”. It is a sign of DivX video file damage. To resolve this problem, you can repair damaged DivX file using video repair software.

Reasons for DivX Video file damage:

  • DivX video files stored on hard drive, USB drives and memory cards may become damaged due to virus attack
  • Errors while downloading from internet makes videos unreadable
  • Interruption while moving DivX files from external drive to computer or vice-versa
  • DivX file header damage makes the video inaccessible because the header contains important information like the file location and the size that has taken by video
  • If you have recovered deleted video files using unreliable software, then also the DivX file has the chance to become inaccessible
  • Sudden system shutdown while playing a video causes severe damage the file structure of DivX file

Don’t worry!! You can now fix damaged DivX file with excellent performance using video repair software. This software gives you the ability to repair damaged DivX video file in any scenario. It can repair damaged DivX video file which is failed to copy successfully from external drive. It works very well in repairing damaged DivX file which is not playing properly on any media player. Video repair software has all the power to detect and repair bad data precisely in the DivX file.

This software will make use of advanced algorithms to repair damaged DivX file from computer disk or any other storage media. The repaired videos can be played on any media player. The video repair software can be obtained to fix damaged DivX file on Windows and Mac PC. It detects the audio and video streams separately and joins them side by side after fixing the errors. This application is not only used to repair damaged DivX video file but it can also fix XviD and AVI files. To repair broken MP4 video files, you can find additional resources through this web address -

Video repair software can fix damaged DivX file from hard drives, USB drives, pen drives, flash memory cards, iPods, etc. To fix video files from external storage media, you just connect it to the system and let the software to scan it. The tool is fully automated so that you can get the accurate result without much intervention. You can also make use of trial version of this software, to evaluate video repair results before purchasing the software. If you are in search of tool to repair JVC video file, then make use of this advanced utility and to get more info about JVC video repair, go to this link:


  • When you realize the DivX file corruption, stop using the drive and start to repair video using the software
  • Maintain backup of important video files
  • Do not download the videos from the unauthorized websites

Procedure to repair damaged DivX video files

Step1: Run video repair software on your computer and “Browse” the video file needed to repair. After that click on “Repair” button as shown in Figure 1.

Repair DivX File - Main Screen

Figure 1. Main Screen

Step2: Wait for a few minutes while the video repair is progressing. Once it is done, use “Preview” option to check video quality before saving as shown in Figure 2.

Repair DivX File - Preview Screen

Figure 2. Preview Screen

Step3: Finally select the desired location to save repaired DivX file using “Save” option as shown in Figure 3.

Repair DivX File - Save File

Figure 3. Save File