How to Repair Damaged AVI Files?

AVI is a video file format that can used to media files on Windows and Mac system. It is widely used across the world due to its easy accessibility. This video file format support almost all media player software. Sometimes while using unreliable software to play AVI file, the video get damaged and user is unable to access. It is horrible for users as they lose huge amount of data from system. In such severe condition, user is searching for reliable application to repair damaged AVI file.

Video Repair Software is one of the significant applications available to fix AVI file on Mac and Windows system. Apart from AVI file, it also fixes MP4, MOV, MPEG and FLV video files. This software is capable in repairing AVI files from damaged or corrupted hard drive, external hard drive, memory card, USB drive, etc. It is free from all types of harmful virus and malware programs. The software is also available with demo version so that user can test the performance of video recover software.

Reasons for damage of AVI video files on Windows or Mac system

Use of Unreliable Software: The use of unreliable media player software to play AVI files sometimes corrupted the files and finally user is unable to play video file. Above mentioned software is compatible in repairing corrupted video files within fraction of time.

Improper Conversion of File Format: While converting AVI video file into other format or vice versa if certain interruption occurs such as power failure or low battery then there are chances that AVI file get damaged and become inaccessible.

Abrupt Closing Media Player Software: Sometimes media player software is closed abruptly due to sudden power failure. As a result of which playing AVI file get damaged and finally become unplayable.

Other Factors: There are several other circumstances results in damage of AVI file such as virus attack, improper file transfer, improper installation of media player, etc.

You can use this application to fix damaged AVI files due to above mentioned reasons. This software is compatible in fixing AVI video file on Windows as well as Mac system.

Features of Video Repair Software

  • This video repair software supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, XP, Vista, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks.
  • The software contains advanced GUI (Graphical User Interface) so that any users with less knowledge can even repair damaged AVI file.
  • You can get this software for free on websites so that user can purchase and start fixing AVI video file on system.
  • The software creates one new file and repairing damaged AVI file keeping original file unchanged. With this tool you are able to recover bad video files in a perfect way. To know more about this software, refer this link:
  • 24X7 technical support team is available to fix damaged or corrupted AVI video file.

Steps to Damaged AVI Repair Software

Step 1: First of all select the damaged AVI file using the “Browse” option and then tab on “Repair” button to repair damaged AVI files.

Damaged AVI Repair Software - Main Screen

Fig 1. Main Screen

Step 2: After next button, you have wait for few minutes. After successful repair, you can use “Preview” option to preview repaired damaged AVI video.

Fix Damaged AVI Video- Preview Screen

Fig 2. Preview Screen

Step 3: If you feel satisfied, then you can save repaired AVI files on desired location using “Save” option.

Damaged AVI Repair Software - Save File

Fig 3. Save File