Know the Ways to Repair Broken Contour MOV Files

Contour is a brand of HD video camera, which is used to capture videos and save them in MOV format. MOV file format created by Apple for a QuickTime media player as its default format. The MOV files can be used for sharing, storing and recording multimedia contents on internet. The MOV file is so popular because of its ability to store audio and video tracks separated by each other. Additionally, the MOV video files can be easily edited since they hold data references for the media data. Although MOV files are safe to capture and save quality videos, sometimes these files get corrupted in many ways. In order to repair broken Contour MOV files, you can use video repair software. It can repair corrupted video files and offers the user to select desired location to save these files.

The broken MOV files captured using Contour camera may start to behave abnormally and refuse to play on camera or any multimedia player. It may display error message like “the MOV file is corrupted, attempt to repair”. After you get this error, the video does not play and even if it is played, you may get frustrated by its unusual behavior. It may display only pictures but no sound or you listen sound but no image. This behavior of Contour MOV video file shows that it is broken and you need to repair it, to play perfectly as before. To fix broken Contour MOV files, you have to make use of third party tool like video repair software.

When you encounter any type of corruption on your MOV file, there is no need to panic since the tool is available to repair Contour MOV files corrupted. This tool is designed with a strong inbuilt scanning algorithm which will scan and repair the selected MOV files. It is competent to fix broken Contour MOV files within quick time since it has been developed by using smart repair technique. If you are serious about the corrupted MOV files and want to fix it safely, then the video repair software is the perfect way to go through. One can also get step by step procedure to repair QuickTime Movie file by visiting at -

Reasons for MOV file corruption

MOV files from Contour video cameras may get corrupted due to user errors while using camera and some unknown software errors. If the Contour camera memory card is suddenly ejected while reading or writing data on it, then the card has the chance to get corrupted. In such case, the MOV files stored on it may also become corrupt or inaccessible. Some software errors for MOV file corruption are like virus attack, camcorder firmware corruption, MOV file header corruption, error while downloading video from internet, usage of improper recovery tool, etc.

Know more about the software

Video repair software is an effective tool used to fix broken Contour MOV files, irrespective of reasons. It has been developed repair broken MOV files on Windows and Mac operating system. You can repair Contour MOV files corrupted after you recover them using any unreliable recovery tool.

The best feature of this application is that it can repair corrupted MOV files of any size. Apart from Contour, it also supports all latest brands of cameras like Nikon, Casio, Canon, Panasonic, etc. Complete information regarding how to repair Canon MOV file can be obtained at -

The demo version of this software is also available which helps to evaluate software capability to repair Contour MOV files corrupted due to any reason. The demo version is technically similar to the purchased version. The only limitation in demo version is, save option is disabled. Using demo version, the user can experience the procedure to repair broken Contour MOV files.

Procedure to repair broken Contour MOV files

Step1: Select broken MOV file using “Browse” option and click on “Repair” button from the Main Screen as shown in Figure 1.

Repair Broken Contour MOV Files - Main Page

Figure 1. Main Page

Step2: Wait when the video repair process is progressing and once it is done, you can use “Preview” option to view video before saving as shown in Figure 2.

Repair Broken Contour MOV Files - Preview Screen

Figure 2. Preview Screen

Step3: Finally you can select the desired location to save repaired video by using “Save” option as shown in Figure 3.

Repair Broken Contour MOV Files - Save File

Figure 3. Save File