The Most Excellent Way to Repair AVI on Windows 7

AVI is nothing but Audio Video Interleave, which is a multimedia container format developed and introduced by Microsoft. It is a commonly used video file format, used to create digital videos using camcorders. AVI is the oldest file format but it offers to capture quality videos. Similar to other files, the AVI is also has the chance to become corrupt or inaccessible. If the AVI file is corrupted due to spyware, file header corruption, incomplete download, incomplete transfer, etc. then it cannot play on any media player. In order to make it as perfect playable video, you can use AVI repair Windows 7 software. It can fix corrupt video files on Windows with a simple one click on repair button. It scans and repairs corrupted AVI files very quickly at your finger tips.

Some of the scenarios where you need AVI repair software are explained below.

  • When you play AVI file, suddenly it stopped in the middle of video
  • When you play an AVI video, you may get the error message such as “the file format is invalid”. If you are looking to fix errors from any type of video, then you can check it here -
  • Some times AVI files stored on SD card and CF card becomes unable to play due to video file corruption
  • You have downloaded some videos from internet but after playing them, you may found some of them are suddenly stop playing due to errors. It mainly occurs due to bad download.
  • When you try to play AVI file using VLC player, then probably you may get the error message like “this AVI is broken, it will not work properly, do you want to repair it now?”
  • Often the AVI files that are recovered using unreliable software become inaccessible or refuse to play on Windows media player or any other playback.

These are some common situations encountered by many users. But there is no need to worry any more on corrupted AVI video files. You can get repair AVI file windows 7 software that can fix broken or corrupted AVI files. This tool can fix AVI Windows 7 files irrespective of errors getting when playing a video. To repair AVI file on Windows 7, first it will detect the errors in the file using inbuilt scanning technology and then makes it as a perfect playable video. It will scan the corrupted AVI files, removes the corrupted frames and prepares a healthy copy of AVI file with corrected frames. After repairing corrupted AVI files, it facilitates you to preview the repaired AVI file. Even the corrupted MOV, MP4 and M4V video files can be repaired. Get more tips to repair M4V video file through industry experts at -

The repair AVI Windows 7 software can fix videos from hard drives and removable storage media like memory cards, pen drive, USB drives, etc. The tool is competent to repair AVI file Windows 7 as well as other versions like Windows XP/Vista and Windows server 2003 and 2008. You can repair AVI file CRC error on Windows 7 with a simple mouse click on repair button. To fix AVI Windows 7 using this software, there is no need to have much technical knowledge. It is self descriptive and easy to use of for computer novices and professionals. You can get Mac version of this software, to repair AVI on Mac, through this link -

If you are a Nokia user and facing an issue while playing MP4 video files due to file corruption, then no need to get worried because you can very easily fix this issue by using an effective Video Repair Software. So, to know how to repair corrupted or damaged MP4 video files on your Nokia device, you can visit the following link:


  • Do not connect the virus infected USB drives to your system
  • Take care of power failure while transferring AVI files from camcorder to your computer
  • Use reliable and read-only tools for recovering deleted video files

Steps to repair AVI file on Windows 7

Step1: First select the corrupted AVI file using “Browse” option and then click on “Repair” button a shown in Fig 1.

AVI Repair Windows 7 - Main Screen

Fig 1. Main Screen

Step2: Wait for a few minutes while the video repair is progressing. Once it is completed, use “Preview” option to view video before saving as shown in Fig 2.

AVI Repair Windows 7 - Preview Screen

Fig 2. Preview Screen

Step3: Once you satisfied with the preview of repaired video, save it on desired location using “Save” option as shown in Fig 3.

AVI Repair Windows 7 - Save File

Fig 3. Save File