Are you getting weird errors when trying to play AVI files on Mac?

Error or pop-up saying that the video file is damaged and unable to play…!!!”  Such error can destroy your mood in seconds. And such accidents happens with every other person who is fond of watching movies and keep lots of videos in his/her Mac OS. Such error never tells you what the problem is or how to fix it. The notice just informs you that some bad thing is going on. Video files may get damaged in any number of ways and most commonly due to broken AVI index.

In some circumstances, you will find that the video (AVI or MPEG) is playing but it’s getting stuck frequently or sometimes not playing at all but it was playing properly before. What might be the reason behind this? Video files become damaged because of corruption. While severe corruption can make the file completely unplayable, less corruption can lead to problems like sound but no picture or picture but no sound, picture freezes but movie will go on with sound only, etc. These problems occur generally because of corruption in video files. If you encounter the corruption issue and your movie file is not playing on QuickTime, then the solution to fix broken index AVI Mac and fix corrupted AVI file and make it playable on QuickTime can be obtained at -

AVI file repair is an ultimate application to solve all these issues and fix broken index AVI Mac. However, if you want to Repair MPEG Video then you can make use of MPEG Video Repair application. In case if you want to repair MP4 files then also you can do it by yourself. Get details.

Mac computers support AVI files and require media players to play it. Almost all popular players support and play AVI files. But there are lots of situations, which can stop playing or even fails to play AVI files by the media players. There might be a long list of reasons behind this problem but with AVI File Repair it is very easy to fix video files that are damaged or corrupted. Some of the common problems are –

  • Damaged player – May be the player or application you are using is damaged that can make the video also damaged.
  • Video is corrupted – AVI video gets corrupted due to transferring error or incomplete download.
  • AVI File will not play in anything - If it happens to be the case that your AVI file simply will not work with anything you try, then it could be a codec issue. You need a codec to decode the video and audio data within an AVI file.
  • Picture freezes but sound continues - Possibly broken/corrupted frames in the video stream.
  • Picture gets pixilated and blocky - Possibly due to corrupted frames.
  • Cannot seek/skip through video - This is often due to a bad AVI Index, or a lack of an Index entry.
  • Audio is out of sync - Often due to a badly prepared file (different length for video and audio streams, for example).

AVI Repair software Mac is an all-in-one tool that can repair corrupted video files in all the above situations. It can repair AVI on Mac OS X including Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Yosemite, etc.

Steps to repair AVI files on Mac OS –

1. Download & install the Mac AVI Repair software on your Mac Book. Select the corrupted AVI file on the welcome screen and Click “Repair”.

Repair AVI files Mac - Welcome Screen

2. The tool will start repairing the video. Wait until the process is done.

Repair AVI files Mac - Repairing

3. On this screen you will see the summary of the repaired AVI file. You can see the preview of the repaired file by selecting “Preview repaired file”.

Repair AVI files Mac - Preview repaired file

4. Save the fixed AVI and save it using the option “Save repaired file”.

Repair AVI files Mac - Save Repaired

Tip –
Never disrupt the downloading or transferring of a video file or any file. There are more chances of corruption due to interruption.
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