Video Repair Software

  • Fast & powerful video repair tool
  • User- friendly interface
  • Fix with excellent performance and extremely safe utility
  • Creates a new repaired file without damaging the original video file
  • Repair Canon MOV file, MP4, MPEG and AVI files including video files created on all popular brands of camcorders and digital cameras

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Repair your corrupt video files with utmost ease....

You downloaded a latest movie or your friend gave you a video of last class lecture and it does not play. There's nothing more annoying than that situation. You are getting unexpected results like file is corrupted or invalid video format or simply it doesn’t play. What will you do?

Usually you have no choice but to find an alternative download. What if alternative download is not available? You don’t have to worry about the damaged video files when Video Repair Software is available with you.

Video Repair Software helps you to repair your video files in these cases:

  • Video files stored in your hard drive might have been recorded using digital video camcorder having faulty firmware.
  • Videos might have experienced a virus infection which has left the file damaged.
  • While syncing the files between camcorder and computer, synchronization process might have been aborted in between and this has left the video files corrupted.
  • Videos recorded when camcorder is low on battery. Due to low power, video file segments are not properly arranged by firmware, which may lead to corruption of video file.

Video repair utility can fix corrupt video files in a number of incomplete download scenarios such as you are trying to copy a video from a CD, DVD or any other source and it fails to copy. So you get a damaged/corrupted file. The failure can be due to any reason like power disruption, unexpected removal of the source, etc.

MP4 is the video format of all the video files that are present in iPods. Videos can be recorded using this device and also can be transferred to system for sharing purpose. Due to certain reasons those video files may get corrupted and hence they cannot be played in the system. Need not worry as those can be repaired easily using Video Repair application as it is a best software to repair video files.

You will get a corrupted video file if it is not completely downloaded from the Internet. The video that is not completely downloaded will freeze while playing, or it won't rewind or fast forward properly or it will not start itself. In practice, there are so many reasons why files won't play including codec issues and corrupted downloads.

The video which is corrupted becomes completely inaccessible. It is the most common problem faced by the users now-a-days. Video files may also get corrupted due to any of the following reasons-

1. Corruption while Trying to Convert the Video File Format from MOV to AVI or MOV to MP4 or MOV to FLV on Mac:

If you were trying to convert the MOV file to any other video file format and could not convert successfully due to error, then the MOV file might have been corrupted due to improper conversion process. The file conversion process may be interrupted due to sudden power failure, hardware failure, operating system malfunction etc.

 2. Recovered Deleted / Lost Video File Previously, Using any Recovery Software or any Third Party Utility:

If the video file was lost / deleted previously, and you have recovered it using any recovery tool or third party software, then the video file might be corrupted due to improper recovery process. Usage of any unreliable and faulty third party application tool may cause severe damage to the video file resulting in inaccessibility of the file.

3. Getting an Error Message while Trying to Play the Video:

If you are getting any error message while playing the video, then the header of the video might have been corrupted. The header contains essential details like date of creation, the size, last modification details of the file etc. It may get corrupted due to abnormal turning off of the computer while the video was playing or improper downloading of the video.

4. Interruption while Transferring the Video from Removable Device to the Computer or Vice-versa:

The video might have corrupted due to interruption during the transfer process of the file from computer to any removable drive or vice versa. The file transfer process may be interrupted due to sudden power failure or forcible removal of the removable drive during the transfer process. Incomplete transfer process corrupts the video files that are being transferred.

Supported Codecs by Video Repair Utility:
Following video file codecs are supported by Video Repair Tool

  • Video - avc1, mp4v, mjpeg
  • Audio – sowt, RAW, mp4a

Results with Video Repair Tool

  • Fast and easy process.
  • The fixed file will be saved as a new file automatically with no damage to your original file.
  • Video Repair Software support large video file
  • Fix MPEG video, MOV & MP4 video files that are corrupted or damaged
  • Detect and repair the bad data as it is a best tool to repair video files in an effective way.
  • Support batch repair.
  • Video Repair utility contains automatic repair option that separates out video and audio data streams and adjoins them to create relevant playable video file
  • Preview repaired file before saving, this helps in evaluating the demo version before purchasing the software
  • Easy to use, with a super simple control panel.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface elements provide maximum ease of use.

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Steps to use Video Repair software–

Step 1 – Download & install Video Repair Software on your system. On the welcome screen select the corrupted video file using “Open” option.

Video Repair Software - Welcome Screen

Figure A.Video Repair Software Main Screen

Step 2 – After selecting the video, click on “Repair”.

Video Repair Software - Select corrupted video

Figure B. Select Corrupt Video

Step 3 – The software will start repairing the corrupted video.

Video Repair Software - Repairing

Figure C. Repairing

Step 4 – After repair process is completed, the window shows the repaired file description with two options “Preview Repaired File” and “Save Repaired File”.

Video Repair Software - Repaired

Figure D. Repaired

Step 5 – Click on “Save Repaired File” to save it. (This option is available only in the full version of Video Repair Software).

Video Repair Software - Save Repaired file

Figure E. Save Repaired File

Tips to avoid damage to video files -

  • Use genuine recovery software to restore deleted or lost videos as unreliable third party utilities might corrupt your video files.
  • Always download videos from trusted sites and don’t stop the downloading process until it is 100% complete (Files downloaded from torrents can be played when they are 98% or 99% complete).
  • Don’t use your laptops on battery while transferring a file. The video that is transferring can get damaged if the battery runs out.

To repair AVI on Mac see AVI Repair Mac.